Chocolate ganache filled macarons

One summer, when I got together to catch up with my friend Gabe, we were looking for something to make together to pass the time. He had never made macarons before and it had been a long time since I've made them (almost two years!). We decided to make mini macarons with a chocolate ganache… Continue reading Chocolate ganache filled macarons

Easy Homemade Holiday Bark

I love making bark. It is so simple yet so delicious and beautiful! If packaged right, it makes a wonderful gift for friends and family! So I actually have a reputation of being a master at bark making so my friends enlisted in me to help them make holiday bark for their special someones. When… Continue reading Easy Homemade Holiday Bark

Strawberry & Pistachio White Chocolate Bark

When I think of strawberries and out of the box flavors, I think of my go-to gal, Sharon. Sharon would pick the strangest flavor combinations every time we went to an ice cream or tea shop. She was a particular fan of strawberries and for her birthday one year, I made this delicious treat for her!… Continue reading Strawberry & Pistachio White Chocolate Bark