Delicious Pineapple & Shrimp Fried Rice

Having friends or family over for dinner? Want to make a super easy but beautiful dish that will blow them away? Well look no further and try out this scrumptious pineapple shrimp fried rice recipe! Served in a pineapple boat, this "dish" is both fun and delectable. Chris and I had such a fun time… Continue reading Delicious Pineapple & Shrimp Fried Rice

Sparkling Strawberry & Peach Rosé Sangria!

One day while grocery shopping, Chris and I came across a sale on strawberries and peaches. Our genius selves decided to invest in these fruits and make a yummy alcoholic drink out of them! We perused the internet for a quick and simple concoction that would hit the spot and found a recipe for strawberry… Continue reading Sparkling Strawberry & Peach Rosé Sangria!

Wine & Cheese Night

One of my favorite things about the UCLA sailing team is how down people are to just get together and drink. I'm not even talking about getting shit-faced but literally just classy wine and cheese nights where we get buzzed and talk about random things. We've had a few of these so-called wine and cheese… Continue reading Wine & Cheese Night