Hey I’m Nat Dao, your average kooky 22 year old from San Jose, California!

   Growing up I’ve always been drawn to the visual expression of graphics, websites, interior spaces, and fashion. Over time, this interest blossomed into appreciation for the nature of creativity itself. I loved the process of curating and assembling pieces together to create a cohesive representation of my imagination. Arts & crafts, food recipes, article creations and graphic designing projects consumed my time apart from being a full-time student. I enjoyed documenting life into a series of photographs, videos, and text excerpts and this eventually led to my own personal blog.

   The content on this blog is broken down into categories that have always peaked my interest- lifestyle, crafts, interior design, recipes, writing, and digital.

//  L I F E S T Y L E  //: Experiences and travel excursions that I’m fortunate to have encountered. From memorable getaways with my boyfriend and surreal weekends at music festivals to ordinary blurbs about fashion and organization-you’ll get a glimpse into what makes me feel alive and human.

//  C R A F T S  //: All my past projects that I’ve made with my bare hands that ranges from scrapbooking to personalized gifts.

//  I NT E R I O R  D E S I G N  //: Living spaces that I’ve curated to make me feel homey and cozy. Also where most of my money goes!

//  R E C I P E S  //: Tasty food trials I’ve had on my own and with others. Cooking is a shared hobby amongst myself and my friends! From delectable sweets to savory dishes, we’ve done them all.

//  W R I T I N G  //: My greatest stress relief and the healthiest way I have learned to deal with conflict. Going through some hardships in life and reading a lot of personal growth books had inspired me to write my own pieces on such topics. I originally started on Medium and grew from there.

//  D I G I T A L  //: An umbrella topic for all things digital media! All things regarding photo manipulation, graphic designing, web designing, and social media marketing will be under here.


   If you didn’t already know, “DIY” stands for “do-it-yourself”. All my content is self-taught and self-made. All the different techniques I’ve used are gathered from continuous trials and errors.  I learn by observing others and experimenting. I soak in all the trends and innovations from the world around me while adding my personal element to them.

   My goal for this project is to shape my identity and solidify my passions in life by doing all things that make me happy. Hopefully, you’ll be able to connect with me through my outlet and be able to create your own too!

   A work in progress, DIY DAO, is my way of showcasing and sharing my imaginative movements to others.