✂ DIY Sushi Costume

For Halloween this year, my friends and I decided to do something different. No more raves or basic house parties. We wanted to rent a nice space and throw a fun costume party so that we’d be able to celebrate with all our close friends and meet new ones.

The planning process gave us a reason to get together but honestly… it was a lot of hard work. The party was super fun and we all had a great time, but I’m not sure if we’re too eager to throw another one anytime soon. Granted, because it was a Halloween themed party, we went all out on decorations and visual effects. We broke even after everything but honestly could’ve made a profit if we took away the frills. Not only that, we rented out a multi-purpose loft that could only fit around 80 people while we had more friends we wanted to accommodate.

However, we made it work and stretched the rules a bit to fit a little under 100 people in comfortably. We had 2 bathrooms, a DJ booth, a bar and kitchen, a dance area, and even a storage closet. We bought a shit ton of decorations from Amazon and even bought a smoke machine and strobe lights. Not to mention the legit costume contest we had with a customized certificate and special gift! We tried to make it the party that we would want to attend.

Of course we had awesome friends who helped us along the way! Our friends Ryan and Evan DJ’d and bartended, respectively. Ryan killed it with the tunes while Evan whipped up an incredible assortment of spooky drinks.

A fun drink menu I designed for Evan’s cocktails

Overall, the whole event was a success. Minus some minor slip-ups, we had a great time with our friends. The feedback we got during the party was well appreciated and people voiced that they had a good time throughout the night. My fellow party planners and I had a blast too but it was difficult to fully enjoy it when we were all running around. If we were to throw another Halloween party or any party at all, I think we’d know what to do better next time and how to maximize our budget.

Naturally, we wanted to get matching costumes as the party planners. We tossed around a few ideas but decided to be a sushi squad. I’ve actually always wanted to do this costume ever since I saw one of my high school friends do it. It’s super cute and although it’s sort of overdone now, I loved the results!

(Left to right) Tiff, Viv, Marco, Chris, myself, Grace, and Kevin

There really isn’t a wrong way to make your sushi since we all have our preferences. You can make the traditional salmon or be edgy and do shrimp or tamago. We made our costumes separately and you can tell the subtle differences but they all looked great overall! Chris copped out and became the sushi chef, but I think it creates a nice balance.

I opted for the OG salmon nigiri. If I wasn’t so lazy, I would’ve cut my fish a little bit more. It was sort of flopping everywhere throughout the night, so I’d consider making it smaller next time. So after a little crafting and some white clothes, you’ve got yourself a sushi costume. I got most of my materials from Michael’s. I’ll go over a general step-by-step, but for the full tutorial, check out this post that I followed. Let’s get started!


  • A standard pillow or cotton stuffing
  • A pillowcase (in the color fish you want)
  • White felt
  • Black felt or thick elastic
  • Light pink felt
  • Dark and light green felt
  • A plain headband
  • Velcro pieces
  • Trusty hot glue gun
  • An all-white outfit

Note: If you don’t want to create a headband with the ginger and wasabi, you totally can skip the felt besides the black one for the band!

  1. Cut out long strips from the white felt paper (I traced the lines to make it more even)

2. Overlay the strips onto the pillowcase in a chevron pattern and glue them down

You should get something that looks like this:

3. Stuff the pillowcase with cotton. Feel free to shape this however you want! Keep in mind no one likes a limp sashimi.

4. To make the pickled ginger, cut out 4 large circles and 1 small circle, like so:

5. Take one bigger circle and fold it in half. Then fold it in half again. Using your glue gun, glue the folded piece onto the smaller circle. Repeat this process 4x.

6. For the wasabi, cut two light green circles with one slightly bigger than the other. Next, cut the circles into a ninja-star shape and glue the pointed edges to the middle. Do this for both circles and then glue the smaller one onto the bigger one.

7. For the fake grass that goes into sushi boxes, cut out a rectangle with jagged edges from the dark green felt paper.

8. Glue it all together, and your final headband should look like this:

Photo credits to Northstory + Co.

9. For the belt that holds the costume together, I opted for black felt paper with velcro that I glued on. You can essentially use anything as long as it looks like the seaweed and can wrap around your body. While you can use a plain black belt you already have or even black elastic, I recommend making a bigger band to support the pillow.

10. Finally, you assemble everything together! Throw on a white tee or dress, fasten your fish pillow on, wrap your seaweed tightly around your body, and put on that headband. For extra security you can use a safety pin to attach the fish pillow to your shirt.

It was a pretty simple costume to make and took less than an hour. The most tedious part was probably just cutting out and gluing the white strips on the sashimi. This project makes the perfect group costume or even couple costume!

Ta-da! Costume complete.

October flew by fast with all this party planning and costume designing. It was a memorable month spent with quality people. It would be interesting to see if we can celebrate on more occasions like this! I love doing DIY projects and decorating, so this task was right up my alley! I truly lived my best Pinterest mom life.

Until next time!

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