Festival Lookbook

A T T E N T I O N ! This is not a drill. Festival season is upon us and it’s time to rock out under the desert sky, whether it be Indio or Vegas.


   Every year, hundreds of thousands of people flock to these whimsical music events. Besides the stacked lineup of mainstream and rising artists that these festivals promise, another aspect gets me stoked to the core- the freakin’ fashion!

   As a highly impressionable little girl in the early 2000s, I was a junkie for the gossip and entertainment magazines that my older cousin had laying around the bathroom. I vividly remember the colorful collages of high profile celebrities frolicking around Coachella- back when low rise jeans and feather hair accessories were a thing. I flipped through the pages with eager eyes and imagined myself attending this novel festival. When you’re that young, everything seemed a little out of reach. I was under the impression that Coachella was a bougie ass festival that only celebrities and rich people could attend. And honestly to an extent, that is sort of true. Coachella is definitely hella expensive and it was a privilege for me to attend (2 years in a row at that!). So when given that opportunity, I knew I couldn’t eff it up. I had to go all out with them ‘fits to channel my inner Paris Hilton that existed when I was like 9 years old. However, one thing stood between me and swag stunting at the festival of my dreams- money.

   Coachella and other music events likewise are super costly. Besides the ticket, you have to factor in food, housing, and transportation. So in order to look stylish and refrain from using a lot of unnecessary money (aka ballin’ on a budget),  I crawled through the depths of the sales section at Forever 21 and thrifted. I also reused a lot of my pieces from previous festivals and repurposed old clothes I had laying around in the closet. While online boutiques will guarantee a cute ass Instagram-worthy outfit, I don’t believe in spending hundreds of dollars on outfits that you will literally only wear at these events (unless you wear watermelon crochet bralettes on the daily, go figure). Collectively, I only spent an average of $70 on outfits each year for Coachella (that’s 6 outfits for around $140!). You just have to be on the hunt pretty early on to catch some good deals and slowly curate all your pieces.

   At the end of the day, my outfits were nothing compared to social media influencers or celebrities. However, they made me feel beautiful all weekend and I was happy rocking them on the festival grounds. What matters most is how you feel in those outfits and the fun you have rising up to the occasion and dressing up. While I can’t speak on behalf of others, the excitement and joy I experience while getting ready for festivals with other girls is unreal.

   Ultimately, I threw together a little lookbook of my favorite festival outfits and hopefully you guys will be able to find some inspiration. To those of you going to Coachella this year, HAVE A BLAST! Unfortunately, I will not be attending the event this year because…

I’m going to EDC Las Vegas for the first time ever! 

   EDC is a totally contrasting environment to Coachella but I’m excited to experience another type of beauty. Finding outfits for this event will be challenging but I’m enthusiastic and stoked about the process. 

   I had a lot of fun with this post and can’t wait to share more future sets.

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