Moving back home

As my days at UCLA started to come to an end, a feeling of anxiety and dread overcame me. Sure the uncertainty of life post-grad sounded scary but there was something else that I wasn’t looking forward to…coming back home to my mess of a bedroom. 

A hodgepodge of patterns and dated pieces, my bedroom was doubled as a storage closet.

Let’s face it, your bedroom is somewhat an accurate representation of your character and habits. I’m going to own up to it and admit that I get lazy sometimes and you’ll often find that designated chair with a huge pile of clothes (both dirty and clean) on it. My room has gone through so many different transitional periods that aligned with how I was developing. From Hello Kitty galore to a K-POP shit storm, my room has seen it all. There are hundreds of tiny holes on the wall commemorating the Jonas Brothers posters I ripped out of teeny bopper magazines.

By the time I moved away for college, I started getting into more decorative pieces rather than cringy tributes to idols (don’t ask about the Harry Styles cut out).  Decorating my first college dorm room and onwards was like painting on fresh canvas. I didn’t have to spend time clearing anything out and I could just start new. However, moving back home to San Jose entailed confronting my tacky childhood bedroom. I already expected the worst since my parents used my room as a storage space. Dozens of baskets filled with old clothes and sheets surrounded every corner. Useless knick knacks and non-functioning electronics took up every inch of the room. Alas, I spent 3 whole days throwing away and repurposing items. I threw away space consuming pieces I did not need anymore and rearranged my furniture to fill up the room efficiently. I took down my tapestry and changed the orientation of my queen-sized bed to make my room feel more spacious. I also changed my comforter and bed sheets to a less obnoxious color (but in my defense, my mom bought those when I was gone). 

Rearranging the furniture in the room made all of the difference! I finally enjoyed being in my personal space and it was a nice change of pace. Now it came down to the little details to make all the difference. For example, a little change like switching out knobs of an old drawer is a cheap and efficient way to repurpose furniture!

(Left side) New decorative and chic drawer knobs I bought from Home Goods to replace the (right side) old childish star-shaped knobs from IKEA. 
Stylish and modern plant canvas prints from Amazon! 
Trendy letter board from Amazon. But there are tons of cheaper alternatives from stores such as Home Goods and Marshall’s in the stationary or wall decoration aisle!

I used to have a hideous orange desk in my bedroom that my dad literally picked up from the side of the street. Upon moving back, the first thing I did was move said desk out of my room and onto the curb. I originally wasn’t going to purchase another desk but I wanted a place to do work if needed and to do my make up. The challenge was finding a desk that would be compact yet stylish to match the aesthetics of my room. Luckily, Amazon had a great selection of modern and simple desks that aligned with my needs. 

The final product for my work area! I took down the dated mandala tapestry and replaced it with a more chic geometric tapestry (reused from my college apartment decoration). 


Finally, my room transformation was complete. I could comfortably relax in my designated space and have friends over without being embarrassed. It was age-appropriate, modern, and cute!! It was something I could proudly call my own creation. 


Update: I’ve moved a few things around in my room once again! I guess the good thing about having your own private space is that you can do literally anything you want with it at any given time. My parents literally ask me every weekend why I’m always changing up my room. I’m in a position now where I have the resources and ability to do whatever I want, so if it means optimizing my space into a more comfortable and efficient area, I’m all in. Besides, you change the most in your 20’s and I outgrow my decor at times. You never know what you’re going to find on Amazon or in Home Goods!

First noticeable change is the position of my bed and new bedding set. I decided to push my bed right against the wall to make it feel bigger. Plus, a cozy corner is a must to curl up against during winter! I purchased the bohemian tassel duvet from Amazon and opted for the gray color over white. I really liked the white and felt like it could open up the space even more, but unfortunately I did not trust myself with all white sheets. I’m super satisfied with the end result and would definitely recommend this duvet cover. It’s extremely versatile and you can make it as fluffy as you want (depending on the comforter you insert inside). Instead of buying the same cotton pillow cases, I decided to use silver silk pillows instead to retain the moisture in my hair overnight. I have dyed blonde hair so I’ll take any hair tips I can get!

Besides the new bed set, I also got this hanging scroll of the different phases of the moon printed on canvas material. I love the fringe at the end and my only complaint would be how cheap the pole holding it up looks. It’s plastic and has super tacky gold bulbs on each end. In the future I might DIY my own pole (perhaps out of a wooden stick or tree branch) but for now, it’s not too noticeable!

I wanted to separate my work and relaxation stations so I decided to move my desk over to the other side, facing the window (which we will talk about later). Replacing my desk in the corner is now the little black shelf where I keep miscellaneous items (used to be my nightstand), a bucket of all my hats, and a few of my favorite sun hats on display.

This half of my room was reorganized to be mainly for sleeping and watching TV. I decided to balance out the wall by repositioning the wall art. I outgrew the tapestry look so that’s gone as well! In the future, I might be using the tapestry for YouTube videos or picnics. I have attachment issues so it will be with me for a while to be honest.

Next up, on my “productivity time” side, I have my desk and a new monitor set up. I started working from home more often so it was crucial to have a big monitor and a comfortable chair. Not to mention, I had a lot of creative projects I wanted to be accountable for. Big shout out to my work for my new office chair. It’s a nice black leather with gold accents and I think it’s super chic and modern. It would look great with a white fur mat draped over it!

The wall next to my sliding mirror closet used to only display the two black-framed photos. However, I was running out of space to put decor on so I decided to hang it instead! I love the look of this and it serves as almost an accent wall (being the most visually distracting).

Right around the Holidays, I bought myself a diffuser from Saje and I love it so much! I’m pretty picky with my aesthetics and I wasn’t happy with how most of the ones out there looked. They were bulbous, plasticky, and just felt cheap. However, this one is made from real stone and I love the geometric shape and pearly finish.

Well that’s all for now folks! I’m looking forward to the future where I can just start over with an empty canvas. It’s difficult to make a childhood room feel nice, especially when it’s cramped and full of your parent’s junk. If I had a choice, I would also repaint the baby blue walls. But for now, this will have to do! 🙂

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