Summer in the Caribbeans

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Where the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea meet

My family loves cruises. I’ve been on more cruises than the number of fingers on my hand. From routes in Mexico to Europe, I’ve traveled the seas and made my way through numerous all-you-can eat buffets. For what it’s worth, I personally feel like cruises are one of the most bang-for-your-buck experiences. You can efficiently maximize on food, entertainment, and travel and then end up in your nice cozy cabin. My family has been planning on going on the Oasis of the Sea for years–the biggest cruise ship in the world in the Royal Caribbean line. This summer we finally got to embark on this wonderful land-on-sea vessel and we got to stop by islands along the Caribbean on the way!

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Making a splash in the Bahamas!

The cruise was approximately a week long and there were a total of three stops–the Bahamas, St. Kitts and St. Thomas (both part of the U.S. Virgin Islands)! I have never been to the Caribbean so it was eye opening to see the vibrant culture. The islands were beautiful and lush. The people were friendly and inviting. This was the ideal getaway!

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There were tons of shops that sold souvenirs and discounted watches and handbags in St. Thomas. Every corridor was filled with vendors and green plants.

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The beaches there had warm white sand! Perfect to squish your toes in.

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Coconuts in St. Kitt’s

St. Kitt’s was one of my favorite stops. We got to drink fresh coconuts and play with adorable clever monkeys!

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He was distracted with some fresh sugarcane!

I had such a relaxing time on this vacation with my family. It was a much needed break from summer classes!


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