Spring Break in Seattle!

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Flash back to a few weeks before spring break, Chris and I had no plans whatsoever and were scrambling to find a destination to escape to. Though many of our friends opted for Chicago or Mexico, we decided on Seattle-which was becoming a popular vacation spot amongst young adults. Over winter break, I have seen a rise in Seattle trips from my friends through Instagram. Pictures of the lively Pike Place Market and exquisite Chihuly Glass Garden flooded my feed. I made a mental note to myself to add Seattle on my “must travel before I die” list and fortunately, I was able to go not so long after that.

In total, our time in Seattle was four days and three nights. We found a nice Best Western hotel near the Space Needle and it was the perfect location! It was within walking distance to many museums and eateries and ubering to Pike Place averaged around $7. The hotel was clean and comfortable (+extra points for freshly baked cookies every evening!!!). I had a few friends who went to Seattle in the past and asked them what they recommended to hit in the city- I then complied everything into a document and Chris and I made it a goal to do everything we can in the span of four days. The list was a plethora of eateries and touristy sites! An exhibition of “must-do’s”! Here’s a little breakdown of each day we spent in the lovely Emerald city.

Day 1:

The car ride from the airport to the city was about 20 minutes. As we drove through Washington-heading towards downtown, we absorbed the wide open and flat landscape. The streets were clean and traffic wasn’t as congested as in LA. The buildings were modern and up-to-date. Everything was just a breath of fresh air!

After we unpacked and took a little break, we quickly set out to explore Seattle. We walked around the city to familiarize ourselves with the area and ended up at Pike Place Market to eat our first meal in the city. Our first target was Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, a Seattle favorite for savory Macaroni and Cheese and sinfully good grilled cheeses.

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(not pictured: The Dungeness crab grilled cheese which was TO DIE FOR!!!)

After our tasty lunch that welcomed our taste buds to Seattle, we tried Elleno’s Greek Yogurt for dessert! We shared the lemon cheesecake flavor and it was so light and refreshing! None of us had either had greek yogurt like this before-the yogurt was whipped and airy and each bite melted into your mouth.

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We strolled around Pike and eagerly pushed through colorful vendors. We made our way through rows of freshly baked pastries and vibrant flowers and watched fishermen throw fish across the market. The market place was huge-consisting of more than 3 floors and hundreds of vendors. Tiny stores filled very nook and cranny and sold little trinkets and gift-worthy souvenirs! After we finished exploring the market, it stared to rain a little so we sought out shelter in a coffee shop called “Storyville”.

The shop was tucked upstairs of Pike and had lots of natural lighting. The workers were very friendly and even passed out free cake for everyone! I’ve heard Seattle was known for their coffee shops and this gem definitely confirmed. My favorite part was the view of the iconic “Public Market Center” sign out the window. I ordered a cold brew with house-made hazelnut syrup and it was delicious!

Once the rain subsided, we made our way back to our hotel and rested. Afterwards, we decided to hit Capitol Hill to explore and then get dinner! Capitol Hill was known for their bars and hip vibes. Graffiti and decked out murals covered the area. Chris and I headed to a park before dinner and had a mini photo session. (Side note: Chris specifically bought a selfie stick for this trip and it was honestly so convenient. I highly recommend it for any couple who are going on a trip together and don’t want to bother people to take pictures for them!!)

For dinner, we decided to go to a restaurant called “Witness”. I was amazed at the decor right when we entered. It was dimly light but had a tasteful “Sunday church” vibe. They specialized in southern comfort food but redesigned and made modern. We ordered the chicken and waffles and poutine fries with bacon cream cheese and gravy.

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Their chicken and waffles were probably one of the best I’ve had in my life! The chicken was super juicy in the inside while the outside was perfectly crispy. The waffles were light and airy and complemented the savory chicken. The poutine fries were also super delicious-although quite heavy! The tartness and coolness of the bacon cream cheese balanced out the hot crispy fries and flavorful gravy.

After dinner, we shopped around at some thrift stores and I even found a piece for one of my Coachella outfits (btw look out for a Coachella post in the near future)! We then got ice cream from Molly Moon’s – one of Seattle’s favorite ice cream joints.

I got two flavors: Stumptown coffee and salted caramel! Chris got cookies and cream with their special sprinkles. All flavors were super yummy and the ice cream was thick and creamy-the perfect texture.

We ended day 1 with full and satisfied tummies and excitement for day 2.

Day 2:

On the second day, we decided to hit two museums: The Pacific Science Center and Chihuly Glass Garden. But before we went there, we of course, had to fuel ourselves with some delicious food. Next on our MUST-TRY list? Biscuit Bitch. And yes..they were indeed bitchin’.

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Rich gravy with freshly baked biscuits topped with hot links and cheese and caramelized onions oh my!

The Pacific Science Center was a neat museum with a ton of interactive exhibits aimed for younger children. Although it may seem “kiddie” to others, Chris and I had a great time looking around! There was even a planetarium and a butterfly garden.

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After the Pacific Science Center, we walked around the Seattle Plaza (which housed many other museums- Chihuly + MoPop). We then ended up at Chihuly Glass Garden, home of the iconic orange and yellow ceiling flowers that you see in every Instagram picture of Seattle.

Although the museum was quite small, it was wonderful seeing all the pieces that Dale Chihuly created. It was a literal eye-gasm seeing all the colorful exhibits placed against black backgrounds for contrast. My favorite part was the glasshouse for sure because of all the natural lighting and how the sun hit the vibrant flowers. The glasshouse led out to the garden with more exquisite pieces-but this time, they were incorporated with flowers and plants!

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(fun fact: selfie sticks are banned at Chihuly but we rebelled and took photos anyways…I had so much adrenaline from this, it’s a little sad)

We caught a live demonstration of glass blowing and it made us appreciate all the exhibits so much more! Making the glass is very time consuming and takes a lot of skill and labor! It must have taken ages to put everything together! If y’all are planning on heading to Chihuly, I recommend catching at least a little bit of the show just so you can appreciate everything that you’re seeing and know how its created.

After Chihuly, we ended our night with dinner at Mantra Thai restaurant. We were craving asian food and Thai is one of our favorite cuisines! The restaurant was very well decorated and the food was definitely affordable. It was a few minutes away from our hotel, which is a huge plus as well! We definitely went straight horizontal on the bed when we got back, we were pooped!!!!

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Day 3:

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There was still a lot of food we still needed to try at Pike Place, so Chris and I headed back on our third day. This day, it was a little more chilly-which was perfect because we were something to get some CLAM CHOWDAAAAA.

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The clam chowder at Pike is world-famous and has won many awards! After tasting a flight of chowders, I can definitely see why they have the reputation they do. We tried four different chowders: classic New England, Chorizo, Lobster + Corn, and Smoked Salmon. The chowders were flavorful and creamy and tasted so so good with the sourdough bread bowl.

We also had to hit up Piroshky Piroshky- arguably the most famous thing at Pike. There was a huge line but fortunately, it went very fast! A piroshki is essentially a Russian pastry filled with various fillings. I’ve never had a piroshki before so I was excited to try it! We got their two most popular fillings: the salmon pate and the beef + cheese.

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The Salmon pate was my favorite and it was shaped like a fish with a tail and everything (how cute)! The fillings were hot and steamy as we bit into the doughy pastry.

After our meal at Pike, we went to the Museum of Pop Culture or MoPop! It was a fun concept and there was a lot of cool exhibits. My only thing is that I wish it was bigger or had more exhibits. Exhibits in the museum were divided into different sections: horror, fantasy, and sci-fi. We didn’t take any pictures in the museum, but my favorite exhibit was the interactive music section-where you can learn how to play various instruments and even produce music!

After MoPop, went back to hotel and had a really fat nap. The past few days of exploring with little sleep had started to catch up to us.

After our nap, we headed to the Starbucks Reserve-essentially the “Willy Wonka of coffee”. The Reserve had a pizza restaurant called “Serious Pie”, where we had dinner. The pizza crust was delicious and airy and the toppings were seasoned very nicely. The two pies we got were: 1) arugula, prosciutto, and egg and 2) Italian sausage and tomatoes

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I have never heard of a Starbucks Reserve and Roastery…I didn’t even know such a place existed. But it was AMAZING. Starbucks lovers rejoice and head on over to this beautiful store! It was a wide store- decked out with copper and rose-gold roasting machines, bars, and tables. The menu was unique and offered concoctions such as cold brew floats and deconstructed lattes. There were tons of baristas and the atmosphere was energetic and social.  There was a large roasting furnace in back of the store, releasing the scents of aromatic beans!

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When you order your drink, you get to choose between different espresso beans with distinct flavor profiles. I went with one that had a rich chocolatey taste. I forgot the name of the drink I ordered but it was essentially a cold frothy espresso with sweet cream on the side. It had a rich taste and fragrant profile! I tasted notes of chocolate and toasted nuts balancing out the bitterness dancing on my tongue. Not gonna lie, ordinary Starbucks will never be the same after this experience. For a coffee connoisseur like me, this place was H-E-A-V-E-N.

Day 4:

So here comes our last day in Seattle! Our flight wasn’t until later that night, so we had plenty of time to make the most out of our last day.

For breakfast, we went to “Morsel” for a quick biscuit sandwich. The biscuits had Beecher’s handmade cheese in them and their famous house-made tomato jam!

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We decided to check out the University of Washington campus because we heard about their beautiful cherry blossom trees. I honestly was not expecting a lot but once we got there, I was blown away by the pink marvel presented to me. I’m not sure if we coincidentally came there during an event, but it was PACKED and full of tourists! There were hundreds of people there taking pictures underneath the blanket of cherry blossoms and it was so lively!

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We then walked around the campus and can I just say, their campus is 10x more beautiful than UCLA. UDub has a huge library that would make Powell cry and the school was wide and flat! All the buildings were grand and the landscape was well-designed. I am in love with their quad area where the cherry blossom trees dominate and the large round reflective pond. Although I do attend the awesome UCLA, I am definitely jealous of this campus!!! Even the areas around the campus had a variety of delicious restaurants- with every type of cuisine imaginable.

(Chris decided to buy the same Patagonia I have in Seattle so here we are matching)

Oh Seattle, you were so good to me! I swear I will be back in the future, but this time 21+ so I can enjoy your night life as well!

Chris and I have taken a good amount of trips together but this getaway was definitely my favorite. It was our first flight together and our longest vacation too! It was really fun exploring a new city with my other half and I am so grateful to have someone who I can travel easily with.

To many more adventures together!

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