Mock web design projects

Graphic designing has always been a hobby of mine. I picked it up at a fairly young age. It started off with editing pictures of the Jonas Brothers and making myspace layouts in sixth grade and grew to more serious projects in high school. My favorite things to make are posters and website templates. I just love messing around with layouts and making different combinations of colors, brushes, and fonts. I’m glad I have acquired this skill and I can definitely see it being one of my life-long hobbies.

During my free time, I like to come up with mock projects for myself to create just for fun. These are not real and I do not get paid for any of them. These projects are purely for my own enjoyment of curating different vibes. Here are some of my works:

  1. Website for coffeeshop


2. Website for fashion blog


3. Website for restaurant


I currently have a position as a Social Media and Graphic Designing intern for UCLA’s Student Health Education & Promotion. With that position, I get to design websites and create graphics for money!

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