Wine & Cheese Night

One of my favorite things about the UCLA sailing team is how down people are to just get together and drink. I’m not even talking about getting shit-faced but literally just classy wine and cheese nights where we get buzzed and talk about random things. We’ve had a few of these so-called wine and cheese nights because the girls on the team are cheese aficionados. I honestly was not that into cheese before attending these nights and after my first one, I gained a new-found appreciation for different fancy cheeses. I can now say I looooove creamy brie and bold goat cheese. The combination of textures from the variety of cheeses and crackers has got me addicted. I distinctly remember the variety pack of crackers from Trader Joe’s that consisted of sesame and herby garlic crackers and thin flatbreads that complemented the cheeses oh so perfectly! (I’m drooling as I imagine myself spreading a dab of goat cheese brie on a black sesame crisp). And how could I forget the wine?? From rich red to sparking white, we always had an array of alcoholic goodness displayed on the table.


It’s fun to incorporate cocktails and mixed drinks into the night as well if not everyone is on board with wine! We got real creative and made passion fruit Moscow mules.



So if you’re ever thinking about planning a night with your friends and don’t feel like getting stupid drunk, get classy drunk instead and have a wine and cheese night!!!!

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