Chocolate ganache filled macarons

One summer, when I got together to catch up with my friend Gabe, we were looking for something to make together to pass the time. He had never made macarons before and it had been a long time since I’ve made them (almost two years!). We decided to make mini macarons with a chocolate ganache filling. We were at a strong disadvantage going in because he did not have an electric mixer (which is important because the mixing of the egg whites is CRUCIAL). We had to mix everything by hand which was low-key stressful because we wanted our macarons to rise perfectly and evenly! Honestly, we just winged it and took turns beating the egg whites to make them fluffy and perfect. I made sure the consistency of our wet ingredients were somewhat similar to how they’re supposed to be. We opted for a baby blue robin egg color for the macarons and mixed in a few drops of blue food coloring into the mixture. Afterwards, we poured the mixture into a plastic bag and cut the corner tip-utilizing the bag as a piping device. ** Pro-tip: We outlined circles with a small tube onto the parchment paper and then filled the circles to ensure that we got evenly sized and shaped macarons! All the previous macarons I’ve ever made were medium to large-sized so I really wanted to try making mini macarons! I think they’re easier to eat and you can enjoy more of them without feeling too guilty (definitely a mental thing because you’re probably eating the same amount regardless). Be sure to let the macarons set for about an hour and develop a thin film on top before tossing it in the oven. To our surprise, the macarons rose perfectly and got cute little ridges that are characteristic of macarons! For the ganache, we mixed together melted chocolate and heavy whipping cream. The ganache was glossy and so delicious!!!!! It was the perfect consistency to sandwich between the macarons cookies!


(Biggest sigh of relief when our macarons came out good~!)


Look how delicious this ganache turned out!


The finished product!!! Woo!!!

The macaron cookie recipe was just a generic one I found on and the ganache was just chocolate + heavy cream. With macaron cookies, you can add any filling you want and that is what determines the flavor! The next time I make macarons, I would like to add a garnish on top to the cookie (such as crushed cookie crumbs or candies!)

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