Holiday Greetings!

I am a holiday season connoisseur and I solemnly swear by Christmas jingles, peppermint mochas, and pine-scented candles. I lived in the dorms my second year of college and wanted to make my environment seem more festive. Any decor counts in my book – no matter how little or subtle.

To the right of our dorm door was a little white + peg board that we can decorate and add little notes to. I decided to make a greeting card from me and my roommate, Michelle, and pin it on there! So I pulled out my trusty crafts box and grabbed some card stock, decorative string, and hot glue gun. This project requires a digital component- I went on photoshop, created a graphic with festive photographs of my roommate and I, and printed it out! Don’t be intimated, I swear any program will work (even Microsoft paint). All I did was simply edit some pictures for a dark red and orange huge (perfect for the holidays) and put them together on photoshop with little fonts and garnishes!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

This is a fun little project when you feel like dressing up your dorm room for the Holidays!

Processed with VSCOcam with c7 preset

My roommate and I liked how it looked and the door and actually left it there all year. We’ve gotten many compliments on it and it’s a great way for your friends to easily find your room when they come visit you! I recommend this project for other holidays or occasions as well! It could even be a casual and un-themed card just to introduce yourselves to your floor!

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