UCLA Sailing Team Snow Globe

As you may have known by now, a lot of my second year of college was dedicated to the UCLA sailing team. When I wasn’t in class or studying, I was competing at regattas or hanging out with my team at socials and parties. Marina Del Ray became my second home and all I knew was the sailing team. For Christmas, we’d have a banquet and do white elephant. The budget was around $10-15 and for my gift, I decided to make a snow globe of the whole team! I thought this would be a good universal gift to whoever got it and it would be a great way to rep the team! I printed out my favorite team pictures and decorated them with card stock and decorative tape and strings! I love putting things together and improvising as I go along. I decided to trim some gold decorative band and hot glue it around the rim of the globe as an accent!


(front of snow globe)


(back of snow globe – taken in Santa Barbara- a really good time that I’ll never forget!)

You can find empty snow globes online (probably Amazon) and even local Targets and Walmarts (in the photography or frame section). I bought this at Urban Outfitters and it was on sale for about $12 but I’m confident you can find a cheaper one!

This project was super easy yet still a very well thought out gift. It can be sentimental to whoever you choose to give it to!

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