Scrapbooking with the Sailing Team

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One of my favorite arts & crafts related activity is scrapbooking. Actually no, I have a legitimate passion for scrapbooking. There’s just something so addicting about choosing card stock, cutting out pictures, and improvising with stickers and decorative tape!! All throughout high school, I scrapbooked for projects and gifts. I made scrapbooks to give to friends and made various collages for various class projects. It was the main art-related activity that I was good at and the one where I could express myself the most and tweak to my liking.

Every year, the UCLA sailing team has a tradition of making scrapbooks for graduating senior sailors. Each team member had to create a page in a book for each senior. We all got together around a coffee table full of fun pictures (full of unforgettable memories), cute 3D and puffy stickers, decorative tape and banners, silly scissors, and various markers and pencils. It was a good bonding experience just going through pictures and looking at everyone’s creations.

The seniors loved their scrapbooks when we presented it to them at banquet. They were very touched by all the hard work that people put into the pages full of inside jokes and memories.

Below are some pages I made for the graduating sailors:

Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c9 preset

I always have such a great time scrapbooking. It’s a stress-reliever to me and the perfect activity that encompasses my notion of creativity. If any of you guys share the same passion for scrapbooking like myself, let me know down below! Share your creations with me~

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