Thankful for my body

If you guys have known me for a while, you’d might know about my body transformation a couple years back. All throughout my childhood, I’ve always been chubby. I ate whatever I wanted, I indulged in boba and desserts, and healthy eating was never an option in my book. It wasn’t until mid high school that I started realizing how much I disliked my body. I never thought about it before, but as I grew older and the pressure to look good started increasing-I started to hate how fat I was. I heard from my family members that I let myself go, but for a while, I just accepted that I was overweight and that I could do nothing about it. It wasn’t until the summer between my senior year of HS and first year of college that I decided to take action. I got a gym membership, hired a personal trainer, changed my eating habits, and it just took off from there! I had an awesome summer working out and practicing healthy eating. I learned new work out techniques from my PT, Richard and I cut out junk food entirely…only allowing myself boba once a week (and only getting fruity tea and no milk…even opting out of the boba at times). After college, my healthy habits were reinforced even more. I ate balanced and nutritious meals and worked out 5 times week (running 2 miles as a warm up each time!) I was 180 pounds at my heaviest and I currently vary between 135-140! I’m much healthier and happy today. I added in lifting in my work out, so I’m working on getting stronger and looking more fit! This is honestly my biggest accomplishment so far in life and I am thankful everyday that I have comet his far.


(before + after)

My second year of college, I wanted to join an organization that promoted body image awareness and appreciation. I came across Body Image Task Force, an organization under the Student Wellness Commission at UCLA, and knew I wanted to be a part of the team for a bit! For a quarter, I went to meetings, planned events that promoted self-love, and created graphics and videos for the club! Everyone there was very caring and knew the importance of being happy and healthy.

One of the events we had in the Fall was called “Thankful for my body”. It was a little fair with booths that promoted body positivity and self-love. We had a Photo Booth, a table with free healthy snacks (hosted by a nutritionist to give you tips), arts + crafts, and my favorite- a self affirmation tree. At that station, people would get polaroid pictures of themselves and write a little message about what they are thankful for about themselves and pinned them on the branches. It was such a creative yet powerful activity.



( my polaroid!!)

Even though this was part of an event, I think this is a fun idea to do with your friends and family! Try creating your own tree (perhaps in the living room or communal lounge) and have people post up what they are thankful for! It’s wonderful knowing what people love about themselves~

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