DIY ‘zine


Shown: Front cover of the booklet

For a project in a class, we were asked to create a “zine” (short for magazine) based on Thanksgiving. For my zine, I decided to create a mini cookbook for thankfulness! I went ham on this project because scrapbooking is my expertise and I finally had a use for all the art goodies I kept in a shoebox. Finally I could use sequins, decorative ropes, tapes of all colors and prints, and card stock on a project again!

With every good  recipe book, comes with a shopping lost. So the first page consists of a cheesy little compile of components for Thankfulness with a corresponding page of cartoons illustrating the list.  img_6856

Afterwards, comes the actual ingredients and instructions! img_6855

Finally, I added a relevant quotation to complete the book and made sure to decorate it like it was an actual mantra graphic you would find online!


This was a cute little project to get your creative juices flowing and I would totally recommend it when you’re in a mood for a little arts + crafts project. It doesn’t even have to be Thanksgiving themed! I’ve made zines in the past on fashion, lifestyle, and pop culture! Let me know if you’ve made past zines and share them! Or if you decide to make some after this idea, comment below!

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