Christmas Cookies


It is no doubt that baking is an essential component of the holiday spirit. Cookies of all sorts of flavors and sizes make great gifts for family and friends! Paired with a hot holiday beverage of your choice (my personal favorite is peppermint mocha), cookies are guaranteed to capture the essence of the winter festivities.

A few years ago I decided to give all my close friends and classmates little goodie bags full of customized cookies and little treats. I had already bought presents for my best friends but I really wanted to share the holiday joy with more people. What better way then to make batches and batches of cookies and then spend all night decorating them? I had always been interested in baking but never really got around to trying it until then. That evening, I spent hours mixing, molding, cutting, baking, and decorating. I also made chocolate Santas and Snowmen to place on the cookies for extra decoration!

I used a standard sugar cookie mix from my girl Betty Crocker


For decoration, I opted for red and green icing that came with special tips for piping intricate designs and Christmas themed sprinkles (of course!)


After I finished the cookies, I placed them in little personalize goodie bags! This is a fun and simple way to share a little holiday joy with your loved ones 🙂



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